Tiktokers who have OnlyFans

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant intersection between the worlds of TikTok and OnlyFans. Content creators on TikTok, known for their creativity and ability to captivate audiences, are now expanding their presence to the adult content platform, OnlyFans. In this blog post we will take a look at some famous tiktokers who have OnlyFans and offering insights on their journey, as well as showing you some tips, on how to promote your OnlyFans content on TikTok.

TikTokers on OnlyFans: A New Trend

In recent times, an increasing number of TikTokers have been exploring the world of OnlyFans to expand their opportunities for monetizing their content and connecting with their devoted fanbase. The allure of OnlyFans stems from its potential to generate substantial income, facilitate direct and meaningful interactions with fans, and provide a platform for greater creative freedom and expression. However, as TikTokers venture into this new realm, they also encounter a set of challenges that must be navigated, such as concerns related to privacy and the careful management of their public image. Despite these challenges, the convergence of TikTok and OnlyFans represents a fascinating intersection of digital entertainment and content creation, showcasing the evolving landscape of online platforms and the ever-changing dynamics of creator-fan relationships.

Spotlight on TikTok Stars

Several TikTokers who have OnlyFans used their existing fanbase to succeed ont this platform. Let's take a look at some notable examples:

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, an American actress known for her role in Disney's "Shake It Up," ventured into OnlyFans, a platform predominantly known for adult content, in August 2020. Her debut on the platform was groundbreaking, as she earned over $1 million in just 24 hours, accumulating around $2 million in the first week, setting new records for OnlyFans. However, her presence sparked controversy among subscribers who felt misled by the nature of her content, expecting it to be more explicit, given the platform's reputation. This discontent led to a significant backlash and prompted OnlyFans to revise its payment policies and transaction limits, a move that was unfavorably received by other creators who faced negative financial implications. The changes were largely attributed to the impact of Thorne's participation. In response to the widespread criticism, Thorne apologized to the OnlyFans community, clarifying her intent to remove shame from sex work and bring more visibility to the platform. Despite the controversy, Thorne's involvement undeniably brought increased mainstream attention to OnlyFans.

Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa)

Kaitlyn Siragusa, known as Amouranth, a prominent Twitch streamer and cosplayer, made a significant move by joining OnlyFans, diversifying her already successful online career. Her transition to the platform, known for adult content, allowed her to tap into a new audience and significantly boost her income. Amouranth quickly became one of the top earners on OnlyFans, showcasing her adaptability and business acumen in the digital content realm. Her success, while not publicly quantified, is evident in her growing online following and the expansion of her brand beyond traditional gaming and cosplay content. However, this move into more explicit content has generated mixed reactions, with some fans embracing her diversified portfolio, while others view it as a departure from her original brand. Amouranth's venture into OnlyFans is reflective of the broader trend of internet celebrities exploring various content platforms, blurring the lines between mainstream and adult content creation. Her journey on OnlyFans exemplifies the evolving dynamics of digital content monetization and the potential for creators to expand their reach across multiple platforms.

Daisy Keech

Daisy Keech, a well-known fitness influencer, expanded her online presence by joining OnlyFans, stepping beyond her usual content on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. This move marked a significant shift in her content strategy, aiming to offer more exclusive content to a different segment of her audience. While specific figures regarding her earnings on OnlyFans are not publicly disclosed, it is evident that her venture into this new platform has notably enhanced her income, leveraging her established social media fame. Her transition, however, received mixed reactions from fans, with some embracing the change while others were skeptical about the shift away from her fitness-centric brand. Keech's decision to join OnlyFans mirrors a broader trend among influencers diversifying into various digital platforms, highlighting the fluidity and evolving nature of online content creation. Her journey on OnlyFans exemplifies the dynamic opportunities and challenges faced by influencers in adapting to new content platforms and monetizing their online presence.

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey, prominently recognized for his role in "Teen Wolf," ventured into OnlyFans, diverging from his conventional acting career to explore new forms of personal expression and fan engagement. Although specific details about his earnings are not public, his transition to the adult-content-focused platform attracted significant attention, indicating a potentially profitable endeavor. Posey's content on OnlyFans, which includes a blend of personal insights, music, and more intimate interactions, demonstrates his adaptability and desire to connect with his audience in a multifaceted way. This move reflects a growing trend among celebrities and public figures who are branching out to digital platforms for diversified content creation. However, Posey's shift to OnlyFans also sparked discussions about the impact of mainstream celebrities entering spaces traditionally occupied by different types of creators, including those in the adult content industry. His journey illustrates the evolving dynamics of digital content creation and monetization, highlighting the shifting boundaries and expanding opportunities within the digital landscape for celebrities to engage with their audience in novel ways.

Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau, a well-known internet personality, made a significant leap by joining OnlyFans, aligning with her brand's provocative and boundary-pushing nature. Her large, dedicated following, coupled with her controversial image, likely contributed to considerable financial success on the platform, although exact earnings figures remain private. This move into OnlyFans allowed Mongeau to offer more unfiltered and exclusive content, deepening her connection with fans. However, her presence on the platform sparked discussions about the influence of mainstream social media personalities in spaces traditionally dominated by sex workers. Mongeau's transition to OnlyFans is indicative of a broader trend among influencers, seeking new avenues for monetization and audience engagement. Her journey on the platform exemplifies the changing dynamics of digital content creation and monetization, highlighting the blurring lines between mainstream influencer culture and adult content platforms, and the evolving ways in which digital content is consumed and valued.

Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas, known for her bold content on YouTube and social media, extended her digital influence by joining OnlyFans, aligning with her reputation for pushing boundaries. This move, likely lucrative due to her substantial fan base, has seen her succeed significantly on the platform, though exact revenue details are not public. Paytas' explicit and personal content on OnlyFans not only boosted her earnings but also reinforced her status in digital content creation. Her decision to join reflects a broader trend of influencers utilizing OnlyFans to diversify their content and connect more deeply with their audience. However, this step also highlights the challenges creators face in balancing their brand with the expectations on a platform known for adult content. Paytas' experience on OnlyFans is emblematic of the evolving nature of digital content creation and monetization, demonstrating the dynamic opportunities and complexities for prominent internet personalities in the current digital landscape.

These creators illustrate the potential of transitioning from TikTok to OnlyFans, highlighting the opportunities for monetization and providing a more intimate platform for engaging with fans. However, it's crucial to note that such a transition requires careful consideration of privacy concerns and the potential impact on personal and professional branding.

Promoting your Content on TikTok

Promoting your OnlyFans account on TikTok can be an effective strategy to grow your audience, thanks to TikTok's massive user base and engagement potential. To start, create engaging, creative content on TikTok that aligns with your OnlyFans theme but adheres to TikTok's community guidelines. Utilize trends, hashtags, and challenges to increase your visibility on TikTok. Collaborations with other TikTok creators can also be a powerful way to reach new audiences. Remember, the key is to tease your content on TikTok, encouraging viewers to visit your OnlyFans for the full experience. However, be mindful of TikTok's policies regarding adult content and promotional activities. For more detailed strategies and tips on effectively promoting your OnlyFans account on TikTok, check out our full guide on How to Promote OnlyFans on TikTok.


The rise of TikTokers on OnlyFans signifies the ever-evolving landscape of social media content creation. As these influencers explore new avenues for monetization and creative expression, it is crucial to consider the implications for privacy, branding, and audience engagement. The journey of TikTokers on OnlyFans is a testament to the adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit of content creators in the digital age.

Remember, if you are considering joining OnlyFans, it is essential to weigh the potential benefits against the challenges and make an informed decision. The world of OnlyFans offers opportunities for growth and financial success, but it also requires careful navigation and a commitment to maintaining your privacy and values.

Stay tuned for more insights and trends as we continue to explore the dynamic landscape of social media content creation.